School Updates

Hello TALES Community,

As we shared with you recently, mold was discovered in our building in early August and returned back in September. What was identified as “White Mold” was found in a classroom and several common areas. The mold was thoroughly cleaned and investigated by Superior Environmental Solutions, Inc., an industrial cleaning service company. That same company has now released the findings of a fungal air sampling conducted in the school on Oct. 5, 2018 and Oct. 27, 2018. 
The tests were thorough. In both cases there was no visible evidence of active mold or odor indicating mold growth. The air sampling included testing in several areas throughout the school, including some classrooms. Samples were also taken outdoors and in a hallway adjacent to one of the classrooms that was tested. The results were that there is no fungal growth in either classroom at this time. 
We understand that anytime you see mold growing in a school it raises alarms. As we have stressed, the mold growth was a result of an unusually wet spring and summer. Upon discovery of the mold, steps were taken immediately to address the issue and ensure the safety of our students and staff, which remains our top concern.

You can view the complete study HERE

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