Social Studies

West Virginia Map Instructions

Please take the following steps to explain your map of West Virginia.

  1. Label N, E, S and W.
  2. Label the five bordering states.
  3. Label the river on the Eastern border, and mark it with a blue line.
  4. Label the river on the Western border, and mark it with a blue line.
  5. Now label your WV map with NE, SE, SW and NW.
  6. Name 4 geographic regions:
    1. Potomac Section
    2. Allegheny Highlands
    3. Allegheny Plateau
    4. Ohio River Valley
  7. In the Ohio River Valley region:
    1. Mark the glassware area.
    2. Label MU for Marshall University.
  8. In the Allegheny Plateau region:
    1. Mark a Starfor the Capital, Charleston.
    2. Label WVU for West Virginia University.
    3. Draw a bridge for the New River Gorge.
    4. Indicate where the coal was predominantly mined.
  9. In the Allegheny Highlands region:
    1. Mark the mountains.
  10. In the Potomac Section:
    1. Indicate the Apple Orchard area
  11. Label your map with our state’s name, West Virginia.

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