T.A. Lowery Dress Code

Our dress code pertains to all students, parents, visitors, staff, and volunteers

Shirts must be worn in such a manner as to:

  1. Cover the entire back and midriff area at all times
  2. No see through clothing
  3. Fit modestly so that cleavage area, sides/ribs, and undergarments are covered at all times
  4. Cover spaghetti straps or halter tops with a button up shirt or blouse.
  5. Muscle shirts must have a shirt over them or under them.

Shorts, skirts, skorts, and dresses must be worn in such a manner as to:

  1. cover the mid-thigh when sitting down and be at least long enough to meet the student's longest finger when the student is standing with arms down at their sides
  2. Fit in a manner that keeps undergarments from being exposed when sitting, standing, or bending over
  3. Slits must conform to the above

*Pants/trousers that are too loose and drag on the ground are not appropriate and may constitute a safety hazard for the student who wears them.

*No bandanas or kerchiefs may be worn or displayed at any time.

*Clothing that depicts or promotes tobacco, alcohol, drugs, pornography, violence, weapons, profane language, or cult/gang related activity is unacceptable.

*No pajama or pajama style clothing shall be worn. (These are the flannel style pants and shirts that look like pajamas.)


Flip Flops/ Sandals:

*If your child wears flip flops or sandals to school, please send in a pair of sneakers and socks so that he or she may change shoes for physical education and recess.


Decisions to approve or disapprove clothing items will be based on the goal of providing a safe and orderly environment for the education of all students. The school administrator reserves the right to approve or disapprove any clothing items not addressed in this policy. We will call the parents of students whose clothing does not meet the dress code to bring in proper clothing.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in helping us create a learning environment free from distraction.

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